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Private management

Commercial banking services

You have unique challenges and ambitions. We can help you meet them with our tailored services and solutions.

At HÖNIG Private Flow Management, we take a comprehensive approach to managing, growing and preserving your wealth. Together, we establish a plan that takes into account your current situation as well as your wishes for your family and your heritage.

Raise your expectations

Aim higher by entrusting us with the management

The goals of your business, our career. It's not just the numbers that count! Thanks to our personalized approach, our vast expertise and our innovative technology, we develop tailor-made programs that take into account of your most complex needs and objectives.

Our integrated approach is based on four main pillars. We start by understanding who you are and what your goals and values are, then we offer you our personalized services and expert advice to help you move forward.

Commercial banking services

Each element is designed to help you achieve your goals


Experience advanced banking services and expertise to achieve your financial vision and strategy.

Heritage planning

Access specialized expertise to structure, preserve and optimize your assets.

Investment management

Benefit from rigor and discipline throughout market cycles thanks to a range of investment solutions adapted to your objectives.

Estate and trust services

Access solutions that will help you make some of your life's most important decisions and shape your long-term legacy.