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Ultimate Account

  • Take advantage of an advantageous interest rate as soon as you subscribe to an Ultimate savings package for a limited period.
  • Limited number of debit transactions, SEPA or SWIFT transfer and international funds transfer service.
  • No fees charged by the banking institution HÖNIG BANK for withdrawals from ATMs in foreign currency.

Mometo account

  • Take advantage of an advantageous interest rate as soon as you subscribe to a Mometo savings plan for an unlimited period.
  • One account, multiple savings goals. The longer you keep your savings, the higher the interest rate.
  • No monthly account fees or minimum balance required and Unlimited Self-Service Transfers
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Quick and easy access to online banking and trading services.

Online payments and transfers

With the HÖNIG BANK bank account, send and receive instant payments and transfers with ease.

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Your savings are insured

With us, your savings are insured up to 200,000 euros by the European Savings Protection Fund.

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Take advantage of the best exchange rate

We apply the real exchange rate on your transactions, transfers and payment in foreign currency, without markup.

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Real-time push notifications

The HÖNIG BANK online bank sends you a notification for each transaction: no more unpleasant surprises.

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The HÖNIG BANK MasterCard

The account and its premium card, with insurance

Be bold with MasterCard HÖNIG BANK. Discover a premium banking experience at no cost abroad, with a set of insurances for your trips, your trips and for everyday life, but also many other exclusive advantages.

  • Free payments and withdrawals abroad
  • An insurance for your MasterCard
  • A dedicated Customer Service
  • A second MasterCard for more flexibility
  • Exclusive offers to choose from
  • Double authentication and 3D Secure
Your advantages

Eliminate the stress associated with managing your money


MasterCard without hidden fees

With your MasterCard HÖNIG BANK, you benefit from several monthly withdrawals free of charge in the euro zone and your payments are free of charge in foreign currencies.


Contactless payment

Your MasterCard is compatible with contactless and mobile payments, which you can use even before receiving your physical card, after opening your bank account.


Categorization of expenses

Discover Management, the smart feature that automatically categorizes each of your expenses in real time.


3D Secure Protection

For more security, your online purchases made with your Mastercard are protected by double authentication thanks to 3D Secure technology.

Why a placement?

Create a plan for your future with HÖNIG BANK

Investing for your future is important, but enjoying life today is just as important. HÖNIG BANK Bank offers you personalized advice that is relevant and easy to understand. Let's establish a plan adapted to your life.

Whether you are looking to generate regular income or medium or long term growth, we have a solution designed to help you achieve your goals.

  • Investing for the purchase of a first property.
  • Invest for emergency funds.
  • Investing for retirement planning.
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The future is today

Products and diets

Define your goals and take advantage of our most popular investment solutions to prepare for your financial future.

Guaranteed investment certificates

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a worry-free investment product that protects your capital and offers a guaranteed rate of return.

Learn more

Savings Accelerator Account

Make your money grow with a great interest rate and no monthly account fees. Your funds can be held in registered and non-registered plans.

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HÖNIG Fund Portfolio Solutions

Our portfolio solutions offer you a diversified combination of mutual funds in one convenient investment to help you grow your savings while managing risk.

Learn more

Tax-Free Savings Account

A Tax-Free Savings Account allows you to withdraw your funds at any time, without penalty, to help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

Learn more

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

The Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a powerful tool that can help you maximize your retirement savings and help reduce your taxes.

Learn more

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are a practical and profitable solution that provides instant diversification and professional investment management.

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